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Our name

Why are we called Baya?

We see Baya as a safe nest for your receivables.

Inspired by the sturdy homes built by Baya weavebirds native to South Asia and South East Asia, Baya strives to weave together a seamless process for your business receivables. With Baya, you can pay and get paid easily and on-time! Receivables are the core of any business and we want to make it flexible and hassle-free.

You can focus on your business without having to worry about cashflow. With Baya, your business can take flight to new horizons.

Our Values

Company values

Be agile

Learn fast, fail fast.

Be innovative

Do things differently.

Be respectful

Understand and grow.

Our Goal

Our mission

Make credit and receivables quick, transparent and reliable.

Our vision

  • To become India's largest credit provider and receivables platform
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