The Idea

Growth and cash realization are core for the success of any business, big or small.

We started with one goal to automate the process of getting paid, so SME owners can focus on what matters the most, Growth and Service Quality.

Today, Baya helps businesses manage the entire lifecycle including Contracts, Invoices, Payments, Reconciliations and Credit.

Why "Baya" ?!

The name is inspired by a type of weaver bird (Baya) known for its sturdy and intricate nest designs and native to India & SEA.

Like the Baya weaver, we strive to build a sturdy platform for business receivables.

Our Team

Meet the people behind the build

Chaitanya Anand

Founder & Gopher-in-Chief

Shiva Sankar

Co-founder &

Kuldip Patel

Engineering & Scrum Master

Jun Quan Yoong


Tanay Chakraborty


Prekshaa Uppin

Product Manager

Prinkal Mehta

Compliance & Risk

Sourav Kumar

Growth & Partnerships

Anand Barua


Our Values

Integrity over Intelligence


Outcome over Optics


Everyone is an Owner


Win or Lose as a Team


Our Investors